What's the point of numismatics when you are gone?

Discussion in 'Numismatics' started by SilverDJ, Aug 19, 2019.

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    What to do with the coins? nothing. It is not our concern anymore. They will not even give a shit on that.
    The main thing to do is to enjoy our journey, not just our destination.

    If you have done good to them, for sure they know what to do on things you love most. Nothing to worry :)
    One thing for sure between life and death, coins are not important anymore.
    Leave the earthly things so other can enjoy.
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    I grew up with a Mum who loved collecting gold and silver coins. But when she retired she just left it all in multiple boxes and enjoyed doing other things in her life. When she passed the 3 sons (me included) were not interested in continuing to collect Mums coins. We were from all different walks of life but none of us cared to carry on so we decided to liquidate the lot. A few phone calls here and there we found a reputable buyer/dealer who came around and pretty much offered us spot for the lot so we sold it. I asked the buyer at the time this question "do you think Mum made much of a profit out of her collection or not" he said not on the silver but gold went up a bit but considering how long she held it all she probably only broke even. We are talking about 35 years worth of buying and holding.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I agree with JNS, I think most young people who inherit a collection will just liquidate it like we did. We do thank Mum for her efforts and we did get some money out of it. What I value even more is that I have renewed my interests in precious metals now and enjoy this forum and it all happened because of Mums collection.
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