YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: The True Blueprint For Every European Country

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    Cyprus was the beginning. Next: every other country with a banking system in which non-performing loans are soaring (cough Slovenia cough) as a result of imploding consumer cash flows, and which needs a financial sector "resolution", which includes, among others, impairment of liabilities courtesy of the new non-template template (and which is now spreading to European interbank deposits). And they all have Cyprus to look to because it will be the benchmark.

    Luckily, earlier today as part of its just released "Assessment of the public debt sustainability of Cyprus", the European Commission was kind enough to spell out in very clear terms just what the fate of virtually every European country will be going forward.

    For the gruesome details we go straight to paragraph 10 where we read...

    And just for once, Europe is actually telling the truth.

    Yet such is life, sad as it may be, for a continent that may have "vastly underestimated the amount of political capital that has been invested in the Euro", and "what the Euro means for the Europeans, for the Euro area."

    For those still confused, it means countless years of pain, suffering and poverty. And it's all downhill from there.


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