WTS: Australian Post 46 Florins at $4.50 each (near spot).

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    I have a largish quantity of Post 46 Florins.
    Sold as "bullion coins" around spot price.
    None are bent, holed, cut, black or worn flat etc...
    On the other hand, they are not "numismatic" either.

    I am looking for $4.50 per coin.
    Sold in bags of 50 coins, for $225 per bag.
    The weight of each bag is around 50 x 11.3g = 565g.
    So the total ASW per bag (at 50%) is around 282.5g.
    So my price works out under 80c per gram ASW.

    F2F in Melbourne (SE suburbs) is available and welcome.
    Postage is extra for amounts under 10 bags (your choice).
    Buy if you buy 10 bags or more, the postage is free.
    (Aust Parcel Post with tracking).

    Thanks for looking!
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