[WTB] help me with my collection. Looking for MS or PF70 gold pandas

Discussion in 'Modern Chinese Coins & Medallions' started by Dog, Jun 24, 2012.

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    I am trying to add to my collection of MS70 gold pandas and really need 1/20 and 1/10 gold pandas in MS70 or PF70 if you have one. I am interested in other fractionals and other types of Chinese coins and medals in MS or PF70 as well. Unicorns, Lunars, Peacocks and unusually silver pieces all interest me.
    I know people like to keep 70s tight to their chest but any help will be appreciated and the favor returned. I have only done one trade on this site, with yennus, but I sell under Pandacoins_co on eBay.

    I have a large inventory of items and have slowed my selling significantly so if you have a 70 and want to trade let me know what your looking for I just might have it.

    Some notables for trade:

    1995 bimetal OMP with Boxes and COA
    1990 50 yuan bimetal in OMP with Boxes and COA
    1990 SD 1/4 in OMP. Do your homework on the 1990 SD. They are harder to find than the 95 LDs or the 98 LD.
    1999 LD 1/20 gold panda MS70
    2002 1/20 gold panda MS70
    1994-95-96-97 1/20 gold pandas MS69
    I have multiples of almost ever silver panda 1989-2011. in OMP and NGC MS69
    1986 ANA 5oz silver panda OMP
    1989 1oz Hong Kong silver Panda in OMP COA number 0081

    I have a bunch more it seems like I always end up with the unusual stuff.

    Please send me a PM if you have anything for sale or trade.
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    Nice! I hope one day I can start a MS70 collection :)

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