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Discussion in 'Welcome New Members' started by errol43, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Apr 13, 2010
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    Happy New Year fellow SS. Welcome to all new stackers. It was only yesterday that the 500 mark was reached. This time next year the 2000 mark should be broken. Are we going to get parity with gold.

    Best of luck for 2011.

    Regards Errol43:)
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    Ha! Who knows eh? But this is a clear sign of phase 2 awareness creeping in. Bear in mind of course, that Australia has a pop of 22 million + and we don't even have 1000 members on SS AND there's quite a few of those members who are OS.

    Shows very clearly this market has a VERY long way to go year.

    2011 - Year of the Stacker!

    Stack 'em hard, stack 'em high! HA!

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