Which recent Chinese series have been successful

Discussion in 'Modern Chinese Coins & Medallions' started by Bobbie, Nov 14, 2017.

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    I started buying some of these recent Chinese coins and medals in the last 5 years. I very seldom sell, as my strategy is usually to wait around 5 years before I consider reselling. Some of these items have done well, and some have fizzled out. Which recent issues do you forum members consider successful. I’m not sure when an item is considered as a success. Certainly, stable price, popularity, who the sponsor is, & demand are all factors influencing someone to buy or stay away from a particular series. I think enough time has passed to start rating success or no success on some of these recent issues. I have bought from many of these Chinese dealers over the years, including, Lucky, DragonZeng , Thincat, Andy and others.
    Here are a few items I would like to know about:
    Lunar panda
    Expo series
    Endangered animals
    Nanjing pandas
    Temple of Heaven
    Garden Pandas
    Classical Gardens
    Many others ( forum members please add any I have not mentioned)
    To my way of thinking, there are many factors to consider if an item is a success.
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    Hey Bobbie great post. I think the Nanjing Pandas and the Temple of Heaven Pandas are performing well. In my opinion, probably the best of the bunch. I think they have a nice high level of detail (minus the 2015 Nanjing Panda - for me anyway). The early year Expo and Classical gardens aren’t appreciating as much as I thought they would. I have a slew of both Expo (#1 and 2) and Classical Gardens (a ‘ton’ of them). I like the 4 piece Buddha series (Emei, Wutai, etc...): antique silver. Their artistic beauty is amazing, but their price appreciation hasn’t done much over the years. I also like the Lunar Buddha (goat, monkey and rooster so far). These too are antique Silver.
    The Gardens are pretty new and I do like them (have several sets of #1 and 2). They’re not yet appreciating like the Trigos (I believe made from the same mint). I think time will tell if these prove to be popular on the secondary market. Of course I have a ton of the Lunar Panda goats, monkey and rooster. I love the concept. I think these have gained some good recognition around the world. The mintage is higher than some of the others mentioned (499). I think the Lunar Pandas will do well over the long term- as long as designs continue to be stellar.
    Apparently they’ve come out with a cheaper version of what I consider a new Beijing Expo Lunar Panda series. I like them, the mintage is 1000 for the 1st and 2000 for the 2nd. And they are very affordable. Will they appreciate in the future? Only time will tell. I was told that they sold out in a couple of hours at the Beijing show. Just a couple of thoughts. I own all the series mentioned except the Nanjing Pandas.
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    How about Chinese Unicorn series, Although they are short series from 1994 to 1997, They were low mintage coins but still some of the old collectors still selling them in a affordable price.

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