Where do you get your inspiration?

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    Inspiration to Collect

    How does one know what collect? What sources of information are out there?

    I found Mr. Anthony's book on Panda coins to be very useful when I started collecting; I still use it as a reference text. I also drew quite a lot of inspiration from the NGC coin registry: http://coins.www.collectors-society.com/registry/coins/public_sets.aspx?sets=world

    I am not talking about how to make tons of money buying and selling coins. I am looking more at how new and the not so new self-taught collectors can identify coins and coin series that showcase important aspects of Chinese art, history, culture and technology. Important coins to have in one's collection or at least dream of having.

    I am interested in members' views on the subject and suggestions.

    **Same was posted on CCF several hours ago.

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    Interesting question KOT.

    Personally, the 3 most important factors in my consideration to buy a Chinese medal are design, design, design.

    Everything else is secondary or tertiary.

    That's because I don't collect Chinese medals with the 'great monetary investment' goal in mind....no, not at all.

    If the design isn't aesthetically appealing to me, then I couldn't care one iota that the medal showcases some important aspects of Chinese art, history, culture and technology. I also couldn't care one iota that the medal could be flipped for a profit if the design doesn't speak to me.

    Design, design, design.

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    Design , story/theme, quality, art and so on.

    There is one author does wrote a book for china Medals. However, it is too thick to ship.

    Book is very useful BUT not many books available and in complete details for china medal. Knowledge is always in brain and from one to another like the Dongba culture. Many information loss and not recorded for china medal.

    Recently, I did buy and sell Korea coin which I try to learn their language and read the book. Collection is type of time and money consuming hobby. Buy and sell is thrive and fun BUT too busy as when you are not full time on it. You cannot please all customers and need to be neutral which is not easy.

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