USA Silver Eagle Fakes

Discussion in 'Fakes & Counterfeits' started by eadgar, Apr 24, 2018.

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    LOL, if it had Perth Mint 1 Oz, he would have looked it up.
    but still would have a been a thousand dollars worth
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    Easy to do in a situation where speed is required like a garage sale.
    I have bought plenty of fake shit over the years for one reason or another.
    Some of the situations i have bought fake stuff is like above in garage sales where you want to get the deal done so someone else does not get it first.
    Buying bulk lots is another way to get caught out with fakes but i factor this in when offering a price.
    While i have number of fake coins from bulk lots jewelry seems to be my biggest collection of fake shit.
    If i am buying a bulk lot then i will have a look through and find some of the stuff i know is genuine and pretty much assume the rest is crap and offer the price on those conditions.
    It just goes with turf when in the metals hobby.
    As well as fakes though ,i have also had times where i have bought lots and then discovered that there are real gems in there that more than make up for all the fakes over the years.

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