The Men Who Built America (includes J P Morgan)

Discussion in 'Gold TV' started by Byron, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Some of you may be interested in this. Episodes detailing the lives of Vanderbilt, Rockerfeller, J P MORGAN and Ford.

    First episode was about Vanderbilt. Nicely produced and authentic to the period. Ofcourse its hard to pack too much detail into an 80 minute show but as a general overview it did ok. I was worried it may have glorified Vanderbilt but it was fairly well balanced. You also get snippets of comments from people like Greenspan, Trump etc.

    Worth a watch imo. On History Channel - 8:30 Mondays.
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    Yeah I've watched all 4 episodes and its pretty interesting. The episodes are 1hr 20mins each but History is splitting them in half so I presume there will be 8 episodes in total on History.

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