South Korea - 2017 Korean National Parks Commemorative Coins

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    Hello everyone and Silverstackers community,

    It is a great pleasure and honor to have get to know you.
    My name is Tommy Oh, representing TODAY Ltd Company in South Korea.

    I would like to humbly present to you on our country's silver coin product issued by Bank of Korea.
    This is a new product this year, officially started to distribute on October 18th, 2017.
    So far the Korean National Park series has been only distributed in Korean market.
    It would be a great coin for collectors because it is the First Commemorative coin of Korean National Parks.
    And there are not too many Korean coin products are out there in the world.
    It would also be a great commemorative coin for those who has visited South Korea before.

    Please find Product details below:

    *Product Type and price:
    -Single product 1: Korean National Parks - Jirisan / $45.00
    -Single product 2: Korean National Parks - Bukhansan / $45.00
    -Set product: Korean National Parks - Jirisan + Bukhansan / $80.00

    *Issue Mintage:
    -500 pcs for each Product Type

    -Division : product 1 / product 2
    Face Value: KRW 30,000 / KRW 30,000
    Composition: Silver 99.9% / Silver 99.9%
    Diameter: 32.0mm / 32.0mm
    Weight: 14.0g / 14.0g
    Shape: Round / Round
    Grade: Proof / Proof

    -Coins will be delivered by express mail and freight charge will be covered by buyer.
    -Approximate shipping fee: $20~$40 (Shipping fee varies depending on shipping destination)

    Lastly, if there is any or for any reason this post causes any problem to Silverstacker I will put down the post.

    Thank you and please feel free to ask questions.

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