Selling: (Colorized) 2012 Perth 1 oz Silver Kangaroo

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand (Public)' started by Silverliner512, Dec 4, 2019.

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    Nov 24, 2019
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    Hello fellow stackers,

    I'm selling 5 of my 2012 Perth colorized silver kangaroos.
    $59 AUD or $39 USD for each coin.

    Link for pictures here!

    Fairly uncommon, with mintage of only 5000 pieces. Does not come with box or COA.

    Prices include postage, and are shipped from USA.

    Payment by PayPal Family and Friends/gift, or Venmo.

    I don't have much history, so willing to post first to buyers with extensive history.

    Buzz on the thread or PM. First in by either method by the time stamp will be buyer/buyers.

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