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Discussion in 'Prospecting & Detecting' started by Gatito Bandito, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Just wondering if any of you have any suggestions. If so, please post!

    Not sure how I stumbled upon these, or why, but I've started watching quite a few recently..

    An Aussie finding gold nuggets in the middle of nowhere, a Brit who finds WWII stuff (including live grenades, which he subsequently sets off) in the woods of Germany, and a kid in his early-20s in the southern US who finds Civil War artifacts & such.

    Pretty cool stuff.. Makes me want to get out there & start! :D

    I'll have to track down the first two again, but the last kid finds some interesting things. Quite the enthusiasm, even for the small stuff!

    (First 5 minutes are a little slow..)



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