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Discussion in 'Modern Chinese Coins & Medallions' started by yennus, Oct 2, 2011.

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    Hi xxxxxxxxxxxxx,

    thanks for your sincere consideration of Pandas. Hopefully I can assist you regarding your questions:

    1. Fair Pricing: This can be found out via places like APMEX, Ebay, and other online dealers. One of the easier and regularly updated sources of this info is probably best found in Peter Anthony's Pricepedia. Feel free to contact Maggie (or Panda Collector) regarding more info on the Panda Pricepedia - well worth its subscription price.

    2. Fakes: Yeah, this is pretty easy to avoid if you stick to trusted sources. Surprisingly the most easily transactable note in the world is also one of the most faked notes in the world, it is the $100USD. Can you imagine a person being afraid to transact using $100USD bills? Pandas are not much different in the sense that, something which is of worth is likely to be counterfeited. Don't see the fakes as a deterrent, but rather as a confirmation to invest in Pandas... obviously it is worth faking. People don't fake Australian Masterpieces in Silver, because they aren't worth much in many places. Do your homework of course.

    I hope I have been of some assistance.

    Many thanks,

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