[QA] Am i better off buying 2009 or 10 or 11 silver coins?

Discussion in 'Modern Chinese Coins & Medallions' started by yennus, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Hi xxxxxx,

    welcome to the world of Pandas :)

    It really depends on the kind of returns (and risks) you want to undertake.

    Low risk, low returns: This is probably the safest way to go. Get as many 2011 Pandas (silver and gold) that you are comfortable with. Hold them for a couple of years, and watch their price increase. They should fetch a slightly higher premium than the 2012s, and obviously a higher premium than the 2013s.

    Medium risk, medium returns: If you are a bit more comfortable with Pandas. The 2010s and 2009s have shown that they are fairly resilient against drops in spot, and easily move up the charts faster than spot does. It could be that the 2010s and 2009s have already reached their peak... but I don't think so. If 6million 2011s were needed this year, it shows that there is a significant demand increase for Pandas. This is likely to get translated into 2010 and 2009 sales, which have low mintages in comparison.

    High risk, high returns: If you like to make educated speculations on where the market is heading, and don't mind taking limited risks, then the area of numismatic Pandas may be a good place to try your money. The BIG THREE PANDAS, have extremely low mintages, and are unlikely to diminish in price within the foreseeable future.
    1999 1oz Silver BU (Large Date with Serif) est. mintage <15,000
    2000 1oz Silver BU (Mirror) est. mintage <7000
    1995 1oz Silver BU (Micro Date, Short Twig) est. mintage <4000

    NGC69 and NGC70 Pandas have also demonstrated their ability to outpace spot, and therefore grow your initial capital.

    Conclusion: The Pandamonium is in its early stages. The Chinese (local Mainlanders) are starting to get into this field big time, the international scene is hot for Pandas too... unless their is a major cool off in Pandas in China (unlikely since it's the main source of silver bullion silver coinage in China) - invest, sit back and relax, and watch graphs like these :)

    Source: http://www.pandacollector.com/pricepedia-index.html

    I think all Pandas will do very very well... it is mostly an issue of which ones will give the best results in the desired time frames.

    (E.g. I'm trying out the Big Three, because I personally think more and more people are going to be collecting Pandas, and this is going to drive their prices much much higher... Mintages of less than 4000 is miniscule)

    Thanks heaps for your question.

    I hope this helps,
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    50ozs of 2011 Pandas, bigger bang for your buck

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