Perth Mint Depository Scheme (PMDS) Spreads

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    This is a question for those punters who buy/sell with PMDS.

    What spread have you observed when buying selling 1 oz Silver? does it vary, or fairly constant % difference.
    (spread, difference between buy/sell)

    I have been hording for years there but was in Allocated which has about a 0.5% storage fee. recently i sold out in order to buy back in unallocated and no storage fee, because I figured the price would fall.

    on the day I sold silver, the spread was 38cents (over the phone quote/dealing). Which from my memory was fairly typical over the years.

    about 3 days later the spot price dropped by about 50cents, so Baldricks cunning plan working marvellously, I obviously will come out in front!

    I ring back to buy in, and their Ask was still higher than I sold it for and the spread was now almost $1. I fell off my chair, I argued with her that she must be giving me wrong numbers, but she wouldnt budge and told me the spread was never ~38cents. She gets the manager on to me, who argues her same points.

    Then the next day I email the lady who did the first deal for me, and asked the current prices, and she replies back the spread is 69 cents.

    and of course now silver is up $1.50 since then.

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