Packaging Tubes and Rolls of Coins

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    Guys there's been some debate regarding packaging of coins.

    As a community forum, we should all aim to provide outcomes for customers to ensure purchases
    get to the buyer as per the listing, so here's some helpful hints for buyers and sellers.

    1. When you package coins, it's your responsibility to make sure your coins get to the buyer
    in the condition that you listed them in. That means that if you have to spend an extra $dollars
    on bubble wrap, cardboard and flat foam and have to spend hours packaging, then that's what
    you should do.

    Know what can go wrong.
    Perth Mint acrylic tubes are brittle and the factory seals regularly come un-stuck.
    Perhaps consider, wrapping each tube in flat foam tightly so that the cap can't come off the tubes
    and the seal remains intact. Use cardboard which is tightly wrapped around and on each end of the tubes
    so that that cap can't come off. In transit the "play" in the capsule can bust open the end-cap, so perhaps ensure this can't occur.

    How much packaging material?
    Have enough packaging material so that tubes and rolls have at least a thickness of 50mm of packaging.
    Layer your packaging! Your tubes, rolls, half rolls etc should be enclosed in flat foam, cardboard, bubble wrap, to make a layered armored, bomb-proof cocoon, before the package is placed in the Express post bag.
    Ensure there are no sharp edges, your final wrap should be bubble wrap, so that the parcel will not break through the express post bag. Don't have square or sharp edges on your package, cut them off, use bubble wrap and tape.

    Build the cost of the packaging into your price and if your buyer wants cheap and nasty postage, just let them know, that's not how you do things. Often buyers will think they can fit 5 kg of metal in an Express post bag but they fail to allow for packaging.

    Price of packaging material and what to buy.
    Cardboard - free (Don't use cardboard that has print on it if possible)
    2mm Foam Wrap - 400mm x 100m = $42
    Bubble Wrap 500mm x 100m (Air Bubble Clear 10mm) $27.50

    Clear Packaging Tape 48mm x 75m Roll 46 Micron 6 Pack - $24

    Expect your parcel to be thrown, dropped, rained on by Australia Post.
    Ensure you allow for un-expected circumstances; sure Australia Post do a pretty good job but try your best to get your coins to your buyer in great condition.

    Your responsibility
    It's your responsibility to ensure that once payment is made to provide outcomes that meet the buyers
    expectations. If you don't have time to provide outcomes, you shouldn't be selling.

    Put your trust in sellers who provide a decent image. If they won't provide an image or "it's coming"don't be tempted to go-ahead with a deal until you, the buyer, are happy.
    If the image is blurry, if the buyer says, he'll get round to sending an image, that should be send alarm bells.
    Don't jump in and Buzz straight away, read what the seller has said about his listing and "read" the private message / messages your seller has provided. Walk away from any so called deals.

    Rolls of coins
    Perth Mint, shrink wrapped rolls (Mint rolls) of encapsulated coins are often distorted, they do not always come in a perfect cylindrical shape, they can be scew-whiff and as such may not make you happy but regardless, that's the way they come from The Mint.

    1/2 Rolls / 11 or 12 coins.
    Often Perth will get orders for 21 or 22 or some other odd number of coins, sometimes they will get a pile of loose coins and shrink wrap them before delivery, these coins will often have black spots or debris in between the shrink wrap and the acrylic capsule. This is also a common occurrence.

    Seals on acrylic tubes.
    The seals on the Kangaroo acrylic tubes are notorious for becoming un-stuck, that doesn't mean the coins have been tampered with. Perth have been advised of this problem but they fail to provide a solution.

    Coins in Capsules and Tubes - "Rubbing"
    Most of the Perth Mint coins will move in their capsules, it doesn't matter how well the coins are packed by the seller, they will move. The un-encapsulated coins like the Kangaroo can get rub marks on them, they are cheaper than encapsulated coins for this reason.

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    Great post, thanks mate!
    Also consider whether it's actually worth stressing over. Is it worth getting neg feedback as a newbie or is it better to cop it on the chin? Neg feedback for an established seller over something minor won't even get a second glance from most buyers desperate for metal.

    I'm just glad to be part of a community where the issues are so minor and few. If all we have to worry about is packaging then I think we're doing pretty good as a trading forum!
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    I received tubes of kangaroos from a bullion company where the lids popped off and the coins were floating around in the bag, it was poorly packed. I would like to offer all members my tip for what I do with tubes of coins.

    Keep your old satchel bags for recycling. Cut them open so you end up with flat, strong plastic wrap spread out on your table, black side up and make sure no old names and addresses are on the part of the plastic you use..

    Wrap your tube of coins very tightly into this plastic, tuck in the ends and then go around the whole tube with several layers of tape. The lids will never ever come off after taping it tight like that. You also don't damage or put tape and sticky residue on the outer of the tubes or their original seals.

    After that's done then use the foam or bubble wrap for the tube too. Now that weight for postage isn't much of an issue anymore you can use more wrapping without fear of going into the next weight bracket anymore.

    If you have clean foam wrapping, bubble wrap or boxes from your purchases then save it and reuse it. There is nothing wrong with reusing clean wrapping, particularly the Perth Mints wrapping, all good gear. Packing need not cost you a fortune. Some of the old timers here don't pay anything for their wrapping and yet they send the best wrapped goods which I appreciate very much.

    Always think to yourself when you wrap your metals. Will the lids pop off, what would happen if it gets dropped off a conveyor belt and most of all would I be happy receiving this product wrapped this way if I am the buyer? Pack it as good and as secure as you would like it for yourself and everybody will be happy.
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