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    I was wondering, when does a non fiat panda become a "Official panda issue" and not just a "Official mint medal"?
    For example the 2016 Nanjing panda( from Lucky) is named a official mint medal and not a official panda issue on the NGC slab, but the 2016 Tempel panda (also from the Nanjing mint) is named a Official panda issue.
    To make it even more complicated, the 2015 Nanjing panda (from Lucky) did get the "official panda issue" designation on the slab. For the 2014 panda I do see different slabs, one with the panda issue and the other just a mint medal.
    Two days ago I did receive the 3th panda book from Peter, and I found out that the Nanjing panda's (2014 till 2016) are not in the book. Meanwhile the 2016 Tempel panda did get a full page and a panda number.

    Then the Trigo panda's from the KL money show, the are not from an official mint. Still the are a official coin show panda, so why did the not get a Official panda issue designation?

    For the future, is it important to panda collectors that a non fiat panda does get an "official panda issue" designation on the slab?
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    Just ignore the damn label which is meaningless.

    Just take notes it is official mints and non official mints. Official mints are belong to government which give you ensurance which non official mints do not.

    The reason of ngc to grade non official mints item because of the man at the back. Like the panda anniverssary which is totally minted by a sovenious company and not even a private mint which is gradeable by ngc. What the reason ? Find out by yourself. Why ngc grade it not grade even a private mint items which is bigger than this soveniour company ? All the Anniversary panda non fiat coin by this company grade by ngc were Low grade which show u the quality of the company.

    Why new Shanghai century mint a private mint item can grade by ngc ? Check out who is the company boss and his background. Why the senior designer of Shanghai mint work freelance and help them design the non fiat coin?

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