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    I see you andrewlee10 (aka trouble) made your landing back to CCF to sell your goods? No wonder I kept calling Trouble, Andy...wait, it was because you were trouble. ;) And I see that you are also once again trying to stir up trouble...again. An old dog at the same tricks. You can't change your wolf's clothing. Sorry. Oh, and I see that you now champion the cause of CCF, which is great (I'm happy for Badon - he's a good guy), but I have quite a few emails from you about what you (trouble) really said behind closed doors, yes? I'm sure you have them too, yes? Give me a break. Keep doing what you do best...cause trouble. Lol.

    P.S. Since I knew you were making your way over to CCF, you were the 'whack nut' who had one way conversations, I was referring to. :eek: As I said, you can't teach an 'old dog' new tricks. :D
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