Niue $2 Silver Bullion "commercial strike" graded coins

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    Steamboat Willie, Scrooge McDuck, The Lion King, Fantasia, 2019 Christmas Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader (3 different ones), Clone Trooper, Storm Trooper, Mickey Mouse 90 anniversary.

    I've noticed that a lot of dealers have invested huge sums of money sending in large numbers of these "Commercial Strike" Silver Bullion Coins from the New Zealand Mint.
    I'm my humble opinion, to say that MS70's or "perfect graded coins" can be fairly difficult to come by would be an understatement.

    I could see dealers being pretty disappointed sending in large numbers of these coins and in some cases getting zero MS70's back from grading, so much so that it seems that some of the more recent issues with, in some cases lower to very much lower total mintage numbers might be getting overlooked by the dealers that are seeing coins graded MS 64-69 and in turn lowering their "swift flip" strategies.

    I am sure that it is not currently possible to to create a complete set of the above mentioned silver bullion coins from Niue/New Zealand mint from either from NGC or PCGS in MS70 grades perhaps not even MS69's.

    The Steamboat Willie, Scrooge McDuck, Mickey's 90th and The Lion King's 25th Anniversary reverse designs seem to share some of the same design elements, radial lines emanating from a star pattern that do not appear on The Apmex Exclusive Fantasia coin or 2019 Christmas Mickey Mouse coin designs.

    Disney Characters Bullion (excluding lunars)

    2017 Steamboat Willie = 250,000 coins
    2018 Scrooge McDuck = 250,000 coins
    2018 Mickey's 90th = 90,000 coins
    2019 The Lion King = 25,000 coins (Apmex Exclusive)
    2019 Fantasia = 15,000 coins (Apmex Exclusive)
    2019 Mickey's Christmas Coin = 15,000 coins (Apmex Exclusive)
    2019 Donald Duck's 85th Annv. = 100,000 coins

    Star Wars Bullion
    2017 Darth Vader = 250,000
    2018 Darth Vader = 250,000
    2019 Darth Vader = 100,000
    2018 Stormtrooper = 250,000
    2019 Clone Trooper = 250,000

    Good Luck to all finding the perfect graded specimens from PCGS and NGC, especially The Lion King, Fantasia, Mickey's Christmas, 2019 Darth Vader and 2019 Clone Trooper.

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