[NEWS] What makes people buy up all the Chinese panda coins?

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    Another article by Badon from LiveBusinessChat.

    What makes people buy up all the Chinese panda coins?

    "It's quite simple actually, if I explain using a comparison with American coins. The USA has 300 million people. The rarest 1 oz American silver eagle has a mintage of 30,000 and sells for $3000 and up.

    China has 1.4 billion people. The rarest 1 oz Chinese silver panda has a mintage of 8000 (or less!), and sells for around $300 to $500.

    You can be math illiterate and still grasp the meaning of those numbers, if you know what the phrase "supply and demand" means. There's not enough pandas for everyone that wants them. Prices are going to the moon before your eyes. Today's $500 panda is tomorrows $10,000 panda, and tomorrows $10,000 panda might be worth shocking sums of money."

    "...Any talk of pullbacks, drops, plateaus, and bubbles is at best extremely temporary, if not completely shortsightedly wrong."

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