[NEWS] China Is Buying Up All That Glitters

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    Gold & Silver Investors: China Is Buying Up All That Glitters (GLD, SLV, ZSL, AGQ, IAU)

    "Once again, China is taking its place as the engine driving worldwide economics and commodity prices. It's not just about gold either. Right now Silver is white hot in China.

    Retail investors who can't afford gold coins are snapping up silver "Pandas" at a mind-boggling rate. Beijing is doubling its output of one ounce silver Panda coins from 3 million to 6 million this year.

    Total output in 2010 was just 1.5 million coins. That means China's demand quadrupled in a single year and it is still growing."

    Opinion: I'm fairly confident Panda prices are on the increase, and not likely to decrease especially when silver prices are on the march upwards. As more people get into the 2011 Pandas, I am confident the prices of earlier Pandas will also increase at a higher rate.

    As Badon once stated regarding Pandas: "...Any talk of pullbacks, drops, plateaus, and bubbles is at best extremely temporary, if not completely shortsightedly wrong."

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