Never thought I’d see the day, but Bob Moriarty gives silver a thumbs up

Discussion in 'Silver' started by Lustre, Mar 26, 2020.

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    “Goldfinger: From my estimation gold is the place to be right now. Remember how for the last few years there was this “TINA” theme in investing i.e. there is no alternative (to stocks). Now it seems to me that there is no alternative to gold.

    Bob Moriarty: Actually there is, and we’ve discussed it many times.

    Goldfinger: You’re talking about silver?

    Bob Moriarty: Yes, silver is much cheaper than gold here. The gold/silver ratio reached nearly 126-1 and that means that silver is extremely cheap relative to gold. In fact, it’s never been this cheap before.

    Goldfinger: You’re correct, but I think an investor should own both gold and silver. I’m a gold guy because I believe it’s a more widely accepted store of value and currency alternative. Global central banks also seem to agree.

    Bob Moriarty: You’re missing the point. The central banks won’t matter in what’s coming. The masses will buy silver and the price will rise much higher than it is today.

    Goldfinger: I think both gold and silver will do very well. We could see gold at $2,000 and silver at $25 or something like that. The gold/silver ratio would then be about 80-1.

    Bob Moriarty: That’s absolutely correct.

    Goldfinger: What about mining shares? Have we seen the bottom? And if so, what would you buy?

    Bob Moriarty: Yes, I think we’ve seen the bottom in the miners.”

    “Goldfinger: So gold and silver and resource shares are going higher, while blue chips are going to drop another 60%+. Is that right?

    Bob Moriarty: That’s correct.”

    So, that would take silver to maybe about double where it is now in AUD terms, with a projected 50c to the USD.

    That would take gold to 4K AUD.

    The miners look like a place to feast your eyes in the dark times at hand. Everything falls, then around the time a good quality vaccine comes to market and the successive waves of the bat boogaloo see lower high and lower lows, the main question is timing, assuming capital remains, there is discretionary income and you are not pushing up daisies.
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    Hes only about a year late haha.

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