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    Hi all,

    Just an information China GOVERNMENT has implemented a lot of measurements to the legal gamble tent - Electronic Exchanges for stamps, banknotes, phone cards and coins since late 2016. Few of the online exchange has ceased operation and few been closed down. Less than half of the online exchanges has survive till now.

    Many of the register listing of those items has forced to sell below market rate and even at significant loss to recover cash rather than left no single cents for them to repay the loan to them bank or so on. Therefore, you might notice many china ebay sellers have sell certain fiat coin, non fiat coin, stamp, bank notes at very low prices. Some quality is good, some quality is average and some is not good. However, no harm to get your hand in if it is at bullion price. You might want to think you like it or not if it is at NGC with high price.

    Take note the mintage and quantity of those listed items are very high. Firstly they dump the supply to china market and than overseas after china market unable to absorb it.

    If the balance of the online exchange cannot sustain the market and need liquidation to survive the reorganization which more items will dump to market.

    At those period you get better chance to buy those at lower price especially those register owner need liquidity and cash. However, take know those are very very high mintage item even other tell you only minted 10% or 20% of coa planned mintage. To register and list one item which you must fulfill the minimum sum and item of listing. So it is not logic 10% of the item are minted except the mintage is 200,000 mintage or higher.

    If the item not appear in ebay do not means shortage of stuff and the demand is high. It is mainly due to dealers has very lean margin and not willing to list it and do not want to take the risk to buy the stock and affect their liquidity.

    Posy 2010 panda silver coin and some lunar coin are listed item. You can get a clear list from those online exchange and wait for the opportunity.
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    In case you were a little confused by what Andy was saying, here are more details from another site. Looks like the extra premium for pandas may in fact not be worth it (some years). Amazing that they are unloading Pandas for the same price as eagles!! Just goes to show us, we must always do our best to buy silver as close to spot as possible - if you're going to play the spot price game, which I am. I can see that a lost a little on the 2016/2017 pandas. Luckily, I didn't pay a high premium, and plus I'm holding for many years. But just a forewarning to everyone else that the $5.00 or so premiums on silver pandas may not be a wise investment after all? All the best.;topicseen#msg81015

    Re: Guessing the NEXT Trend
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    Usually, I will not post investment related comment in this forum. However, the following information may not be known by most members in this forum and may affect the MCC market significantly in the next six months to one year.

    Since, January 2017, Chinese authorities have tried to install more regulations to control Electronic Exchanges for stamps, banknotes, phone cards and coins, due to many complaints by investors about the fraudulent activities in those Exchanges. At the end of 2016, there were 30 Exchanges, since then four has closed and 13 have been in the status of reorganization (no trading), including the largest Exchange, Nanjing Exchanges.

    There is good chance that many Exchanges may not be survived during the reorganization and all coins will be returned to the original sponsors. Therefore, a substantial amount of coins will be released to the market place. The price of most coins in Exchanges is lower than the current market value.

    IMO, the softness of MCC market during last six months has something to do with the situation of Exchanges and will affect MCC market further if liquidation is required for few Exchanges in the next few months.

    There is no gold pandas in those Exchanges. However, many post-2010 silver pandas and silver lunars, and some later 1990 to 2010 gold and silver lunars are listed at those Exchanges.

    Re: Guessing the NEXT Trend
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    This is great insight. The exchange model was flawed from the beginning and anything on the exchanges will take a serious hit. I am already seeing some newer silver pandas 2015-2017 selling at spreads well below the issue price.

    Last week a dealer offered me a sealed box of 2016 silver panda, I offered $1 over melt for them, he told me that he paid $5 over melt. I asked him if he would take silver eagles in trade for his silver pandas at the same spread over melt, oz for oz, he agreed and a customer of mine traded 434x 31.1g silver eagles for 450 30g silver panda (actually my customer traded a sealed box of eagles and got paid $1.50 over melt for the extra 66 eagles). The fact that dealer is desperate enough to take big loss on the the silver pandas tells you how bad the retail market is newly issued silver pandas. After reading poco comments I am lower my bid to melt to avoid getting stuck with what will surely be bullion for decades to come.

    As general rule stick with what is hard to buy, seems obvious, but so many fall for the trap of buying what is easily available to them and then wonder why other coins go up, while their just sits flat or slowly trends down.
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    barsenault, lots of interesting reads in that link....thanks for sharing.

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