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Discussion in 'Silver' started by Skyblues, Jul 18, 2012.

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    I have been only listening to the forum lately, couldn't join in discussions as much I have wanted due to having already established a core Ag position and not having much to spare, upcoming wedding/honeymoon, learning how to establish a business on top of our day jobs, preparing to move to Perth, gearing up for SMSF etc etcHowever, lately, in general, I feel, maybe not in terms of silver but the media coverage of the inevitable financial collapse seems to be increasingMedia is sparing more prime time for financial reviewers who talk the awful truth.

    Compared the previous 12 months, I keep seeing or I think that there is more wiser media coverageWell, words 'wiser media coverage' don't really make sense together I know, it is an oxymoron, isn't itBut, I also refer to independent media as well not just the mainstream, well, to better put it, I feel there is much more awareness about how American debt can no longer be sustained, how gold portfolios of countries are increasing for a reason, how real estate can be impacted, how Europe will/not shit itself when the time comes etc etc

    I don't think I have seen this much of a wide spectrum of wise coverage in the 2000s as I have seen in the past 12 monthsIt feels it is not just awareness that is developing, all the information flow in the past decade have somehow been transforming into knowledgeAnd the presence/visibility of these more knowledgeable perspectives seem to be increasing.

    I sense that some major things will happen after the US elections and between Nov 12-March 13. I don't know whether I am hoping for these changes or am afraid of them is another issue. It might be a possibility for Ag to test again and break the $50 mark and go to $70 mark sometime next year, I suppose most of us will be shaken off the horns of the bull at that period. I hope I will have the courage to wait for $100+ that time...

    Trends Journal predicts for Obama to continue for another 4 years and that this will keep postponing the inevitable and keep things getting dragged along...This somehow matches with the 2015-16 predictions of James Turk for the financial collapse...All these factors also seem to be in effect and seem to be contributing towards that increased awareness in the air...

    Is this just noise that is increasing with news about Greece/Spain etc or, with the American and Aussie elections in the horizon, do you guys agree that there is a more aware or more knowledgeable feel in the air? Does the forum usage somehow reflect this?
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    Its the boiling frog analogy

    If we keep hearing doom and gloom, yet the everyday status quo appears unchanged (you can still buy a loaf of bread, right?), people become acclimatised to it and to a degree, stop listening.

    Then when the S really hits the F, there will be a lot of "but we told you so", before our politicians hurry off to do another high 5/blackslapping orgy in the rear rooms of Parliament.

    Don't for a moment think that the conditioning via media is because Murdoch, Stokes and Reinhart have our interests at heart. A far more sinister and long term game is being played out. I could go further but it will give my post a MA15+ rating.

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