MDM hits a home run with their 2021 WMF catalog

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    Stay tuned throughout the first months of 2021 as we have some spectacular releases on the way from MDM. Follows is just a few examples from their World Money Fair Catalog.

    2021 Barbados 3 Ounce 24K Gold "Blue Marble" Enamel Silver Coin
    2021 Barbados 3 Ounce Circumnavigation of the Globe Silver Coin
    2021 Cook Islands 2 Ounce Norse Gods Odin High Relief Antique Finish Silver Coin

    2021 Samoa 2 Ounce Heaven and Hell Filigree Sphere Silver Coin
    2021 Samoa 2 Ounce City Edition Splash of Color Silver Coin Full Set

    2021 Solomon Islands 100 Gram 4-Layer Pantheon High Relief Silver Coin

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