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Discussion in 'Wealth Creation & Management' started by Bargain Hunter, Nov 22, 2013.

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    Currently I'm looking to change accountants for myself and my parents as our current accountant (my parents and I use the same one) is unsatisfactory.

    We live in Sydney and want an accountant based in Sydney who is knowledgeable, gives good service and doesn't charge an arm and a leg.

    We are looking to take all our business to one accountant. This means I want one accountant to do my personal tax return, my mum's personal tax return (including shares and investment properties), my dad's personal tax return, my mum's business tax, and my parents joint self managed super, so the accountant must be able to do personal (including investment properties and shares), small business and smsf returns. We want to pay a flat annual package fee that includes all of the above and basic tax advice.

    If anyone has a reliable accountant that they have been using for a long time that meets all of the above criteria please recommend someone by posting on this thread (or alternatively p.m. me).

    Thanks guys.

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