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    Well just had a look at how this is working out for me after the first year.
    Only signed up as it is a free $1000 kickstart from the government and i make a minimum payment of $1060 a year and the government kicks in an extra $530 (a year).
    The way i look at it , it's only costing me $20 a week and for this i get a 50% return on that just from the Govt + whatever i get from the fund itself.
    It turns out this year was only 5.6% return from the fund i am in.
    To me this is easy money and if it is there to use in years to come it will be a great bonus.
    If it somehow gets sucked into the government coffers then it is no great loss.
    It will most likely get used by us at some stage down the road though and reinvested elsewhere.
    In the mean time i will happily take the massive returns on my small investment.
    There are tight criteria for early release of these funds.
    But we have friends that have successfully removed them and reinvested even though they DID NOT fit many of the accepted criteria.

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