Iron coin that looks like silver on eBay (misleading ads promoting replicas)

Discussion in 'Fakes & Counterfeits' started by TreasureHunter, Sep 29, 2019.

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    This seller's coin is promoted as "2019 1 oz American Silver Eagle"
    I found it odd how come it costs 2.45 $ only...


    Now check the description:


    Yes, if you read "Steel core silver plating", then you can't say you're being double-crossed.
    But the title and the image is still misleading.

    The coin is at best a "replica". And while eBay does not allow the promotion of replica Rolex watches, then how come an iron replica of a famous silver coin is fine to promote?

    The title is misleading and if you overlook the description, you'll think it's 1 oz Silver.

    Does the US Mint make "fakes" or "replicas" of its own coins???

    If not, then this is a TOTAL FAKE. Just like many others.

    I did encounter other sellers who sold this category of FAKE coins as genuine 1 oz silver coins at the price of silver coins. Somewhere in the description they also had "steel-plated" or something similar mentioned...

    There are countless such misleading ads.

    A few years ago I saw people selling pictures of certain things "picture of...", but if you don't read "the fine prints", you'll think it's the actual object!

    It wouldn't fool me, but if a few variable were arranged differently, the average man would buy in (for instance if the price was 23 $, it would seem more realistic). Who reads the description carefully nowadays?

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