Industrial silver demand in the transparent conductive film touchscreen market

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    Logically, industry will be the primary driver for the future price of silver.

    Given this, it is worth looking into the development of uses for silver in the last decade

    One area is the touchscreen, familiar to most of us now but not really 10 years ago

    Even now, touchscreens are not ubiquitous on a desktop and there is a lot of refinement to come

    Yet, most of us are familiar with touchscreens, even if just a phone, tablet or clumsy interface at the supermarket, fastfood, gym, etc

    This is an evolving market for silver investors, as the previous conductor, indium tin oxide becomes more costly due to supply constraints.

    Silver is reportedly taking an increasing share of the touchscreen market, with Japan and China currently major areas

    This takes the form of silver mesh, silver nanowire and silver halides.


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