FS - Vintage Perth mint 10oz type a and type c bars

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    I know these are popular in the us so I thought I would list them here as well. I am happy to post internationally at buyers risk/cost. Note I have sent thousands of dollars worth of coins to pcgs for grading for $70 and cant see why these would cost much more. all prices are in AUD

    please be advised I am no expert on these bars, the type designation is my best guess based on Allengehards reference site.
    Buy them all now before I break them up for $2500 delivered
    bar 1
    Type A with nice Swirl marks and great toning - $750
    P_20171120_142405_SRES.jpg P_20171120_142425_SRES.jpg
    bar 2
    Type A , a little weaker struck but with great toning - $700
    P_20171120_142452_SRES.jpg P_20171120_142518_SRES.jpg
    bar 3
    Type A , cleaned but a it is uniquely double/mis-truck and is unique- $700
    P_20171120_142541_SRES.jpg P_20171120_142607_SRES.jpg
    bar 4
    Type c , more common to find however this one has a nice low solid serial number, nice Swirl marks and great toning - $550
    P_20171120_142640_SRES.jpg P_20171120_142705_SRES.jpg

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