FS - the rarest of Rare non error Perth Mint Kookaburra issue - sold

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    1993 Silver One Ounce Kookaburra Uncirculated Coin Perth Mint Exhibition Opening
    Described as being the rarest of all of the Kookaburra issues to date, This coin was issued in a green presentation case with numbered certificate which states "This is one of 200 One Ounce 1993 Australian Kookaburra silver bullion coins specially minted and presented to mark the official opening of the recommissioned Perth Mint and Perth Mint Exhibition on 8 December, 1993".

    The coin was only presented to invited guests attending the reopening ceremony and being coin cert number 12 it is unlikely that you will find a lower cert with politicians unlikely to get rid of the freebies they got.

    Although not well known, it is the rarest of all the Kookaburra special interest issues to date.

    Remember these were only handed out to dignitaries that attended the Exhibition in Western Australia so many have most likely been lost to non collectors who are unlikely to understand the value of the certificate

    I sold one in 2015 with a much higher cert number so I am comfortable asking the same amount for this one - $750 + postage
    As the last one ended up in the USA I am going to advertise this in the US sales area as well and it will be on ebay as well so get it while you can, the last one advertised for sale was by me:) so this is stupidly rare!
    P_20180128_141626.jpg P_20180128_141632.jpg P_20180128_141636.jpg P_20180128_141650.jpg P_20180128_141707.jpg

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