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    Tokyo, Japan
    I am coming with my family to Arizona from Tokyo for a week starting tomorrow (Fri 12th May), and will be carrying some koalas, kooks, 16 WTEs, a couple of rarer ASEs (86 & 96) and 2 x 2014 koala chinese privy with me!

    I am ok to do F2F transactions and would be interested in meeting any US based members of the forum if you are in the vicinity or I can post within the US as well. Drop me a PM if you are in the Phoenix area, I will be based in and around Chandler.

    Also, if you have any recommendations on coin stores in Phoenix I would love to hear them.

    For those who don't know me I am an Aussie based in Tokyo, have lived in Asia for 15 years. Been on the forum for about 4 years, completed probably 250+ trades.

    Cheers from Tokyo and hope to see a couple of u soon!


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