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    New RSVP functionality allows event organisers to track who will be attending, and how many guests will be coming. It is not necessary for an event to have been entered into the Calendar to configure an RSVP, but is advisable.

    Setting up RSVP

    Only paid upgrade Silver Stackers members can set up RSVP for an event.

    Under Thread Tools, click RSVP Add.


    This instantly adds the button Click here to RSVP to the thread.


    In order to prevent users RSVPing after a certain date, set the RSVP Expire Date.


    No differences will be visible on the thread, but users won't be able to RSVP after the expire date.

    To RSVP to an event

    Simply click the Click here to RSVP button, and enter details. If you are RSVPing for more than one person, edit the Count field.


    Any notes you enter in the Note field will be publicly visible on the event thread.


    The total number of respondents will also be displayed.

    To remove an RSVP response, click the Click here to RSVP button again, and click the Click here to delete previously entered RSVP link in the popup.

    The user who created the original RSVP button can also remove it using Thread Tools if needed.
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