Cryptos Considered to Be 'rare' or 'Commodites'

Discussion in 'Digital Currencies' started by inmizu, Aug 8, 2018.

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    Me just stretching my legs here at Stackers.

    Cryptos exist -- even for us sleep-on-the-floor-in-front-of-the-keyboard crypto geeks -- in bewildering profusion. But just to put the idea before you bullion bugs, here's an insight into a small class of cryptos (that I am fond of).

    Guys, what we call '1.0' cryptos are those that preceded the instruments that do stuff like allow you to create smart contracts. (Ethereum is 2.0) And we now squabble over terms like '3.0.' (I'd call Quanta a 3.0)

    And tucked away among the thousands of 1.0s -- most of which have failed -- are/were certain 'crypto instruments' that exist purely to be both rare and 'simple.' Now, 'rarity' is a problematic term: cryptos are sliced into one-hundred-millionths. But the notion is fairly sound.

    And although I don't hold any, a good example of this class is Unobtanium -- actually, it's the best example (though I find it technically unfriendly).

    Another is (CGB, CBX) Bullion -- but it has just never got its mojo workin'. So . . .

    A third, which I do hold, is '42-coin.' It runs a different 'network system,' and that's fundamental: cryptos are their tech. Full stop.

    So, I'd assume that such cryptos would be a tad more attractive to folks here; and if anyone wants to learn how to set up a wallet/get the security right, please do ask. Certainly doing crypto-bullion trades is a dream of ours. Seemed crazy in 2013, but not any more.

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