Credit Corp (CCP)

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    Credit Corp closed today at $10.11 (hit an intraday low of $7.23). The shares are extremely undervalued. This year it will earn $1.50 per share and pay $0.72 per share in fully franked dividends. On the current share price that is a fully franked dividend yield of 7.1% and a p.e. ratio of less than 7. They original analyst forecasts for Credit Corp were around $1.82 per share for next financial year. At the moment that is looking optimistic but I think at the very least they will be able to maintain their earnings and dividend next year.

    They are the market leader in the industry (in Australia) and have the strongest balance sheet and best management. So far the corona virus has been beneficial for their earnings as they are taking market share from weaker competitors (who have less robust balance sheets) and also the drop in the Australian dollar will boost the earnings from their U.S. division.

    All of the above being said obviously if Corona Virus causes a severe recession and unemployment spikes higher there collections and profits will go down.

    As you can see from my quote above (October 3rd 2015) the earnings and dividends of Credit Corp have increased substantially in the last 5 years and yet the share price has hardly changed. Now is a great time to buy if you have the cash.

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