Counterfeit Gold Krugerrand many Viele deutsche German sellers

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    [​IMG]I have never seen so much counterfeit gold sold on an eBay market[Germany].
    Feel sorry, I don't think so. Will show up world-wide.

    You can only see items if you're logged into Germany eBay.

    Most buyers will turn around and sell as authentic. Can you imagine what Germany is going thru.
    It would take hours to turn in every counterfeit seller.
    But, to warn others, here's a short list. Dirty Dozen.

    juliane0174 , valli17.1969 , lilupa , keks1202 , sunrisa999 , deutschland-libe , silkwikernin0 , timkoc4 , mcsteve1968 , vannhannisc-0 , steflure , goldendao.priv

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