And now MDM drops a bomb on the collector coin market

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    This blog post is dedicated entirely to MDM products as they have just launched an amazing catalog of planned releases for the first half of 2023. Our waiting list is ready to receive your interest as we wait for confirmed quantities from the mint.

    You can sign up with an automatic 10% discount using the subscribe form on each product page.


    2023 Samoa 2 Ounce Dragon & Phoenix Filigree Spherical Silver Coin


    This is a unique and extremely beautiful two-sided spherical silver coin from Samoa and the 3rd issue in the Spherical Filigree series. The 2023 theme is dedicated to powerful Chinese symbols, the Dragon and Phoenix.

    2023 Burundi 3 Ounce Lion Head 3D Minted Antique Finish Silver Coin


    Employing advanced 3D shaped minting techniques, this stunning issue of Burundi portrays a super realistic bust of a ferocious Lion. Struck from 3 ounces of 99.9% pure silver, the Lion's Head is a must have for African Big 5 enthusiasts.

    2023 Samoa 1 Kilogram Vikings Multi-layer Ultra High Relief Silver Coin


    This exceptional 1 Kilogram, pure silver issue of Samoa commemorates a warrior from the glorious Scandanavian Viking Age which has been struck in multi-layer ultra high relief.

    2023 Djibouti 180 Gram 150th Anniversary Around the World in 80 Days Silver Coin


    Don't miss this stunning silver coin commemorating the 150th anniversary of the publication of French writer Jules Verne's major literary work, Around the World in Eighty Days. An intriguing presentation, this coin incorprorates two different viewing levels, one that shares the travels of his famous character Phileas Fogg while the 2nd level, tells the lifestory of the writer.

    2023 Solomon Islands 2 Ounce Filigree Koi Colored Silver Coin


    Solomon Islands delivers again in 2023 with another stunning Filigree Technique Silver Coin. This 2 ounce legal tender issue features expertly colored Japanese Koi set against a Hologram Rainbow Effect woven background.

    2023 Barbados 3 Ounce Blue Marble Glow in the Dark Spherical Silver Coin


    The Barbados Blue Marble is back again with another 2023 release that captures all of the exceptional minting technology and finishes but now incorporates a first time ever, Glow in the Dark pigmentation.

    2023 Barbados 5 Ounce Eye of Providence Pyramid Silver Coin


    Don't miss this stunning 3D shaped silver coin and the third issue in the sellout Pyramid series. Legal tender of Barbados, the 2023 edition is dedicated to the Eye of Providence which was adopted in 1782 as part of the symbolism featured on the Great Seal of the United States.

    2023 Barbados 3 Ounce Colors of Wildlife Sloth Ultra High Relief Enamel Silver Coin


    This is the follow-up issue in the Barbados Colors of Wildlife Series that now features a charming Sloth. With an incredible ultra high relief strike and translucent green enamelling to portray the natural environment, the Sloth is a great choice for the 3rd release in the series.

    2024 Burundi 2 Ounce Year of the Dragon Jade Inlay Silver Proof Coin


    Struck from two ounces of pure silver, this legal tender issue of Burundi is sure to be a collectors favorite thanks to its fantastically designed Zodiac Dragon. On the reverse is the elaborately carved genuine jadestone inset alongside a 24K gold plated privy mark.

    2024 Vanuatu 1 Ounce Year of the Dragon 24K Plated Pearl Inset Silver Proof Coin


    This is the latest Lunar Calendar issue of Vanuatu and it's dedicated to the Year of the Dragon. The reverse features a fierce Dragon plated in 24K gold circling a genuine Freshwater Pearl in the center.

    2022 Solomon Islands 2 X 5 Ounce Eastern & Western Hemisphere Silver Coins

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Don't miss this incredible micro-engraved silver coin set that portray's the world's first dated map published in an atlas. Equisitely reproduced on two massive 100+ mm coins, both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres are represented while the deluxe wood box completes cartographer Henricus Hondius II's world map in a colored display panel.

    2023 Solomon Islands 111 Gram RMS Titanic Shaped Gold Proof Coin


    This incredible gold proof coin from Solomon Islands is being issued to honor the 110th Anniversary of the most famous shipwreck in history.

    The reverse of the coin portrays the Titanic at sail amongst icebergs in realistic detail further enhanced with select Black Rhodium applications.

    2023 Samoa 1 Gram Nefertiti Bust Proof-like Gold Coin


    This is the follow up to the instant sellout Mask of Tutankhahum and features the famous Bust of Nefertiti, once again struck from 1 Gram of .999 pure gold with a proof-like quality strike.

    2023 Barbados 4 X 1 Ounce Boston Tea Party Silver Coin Collection


    This is the 4-coin collection from Barbados that pays tribute to The Boston Tea Party, a significant event in the journey towards American Independence. The four different 1 oz coins depict this famous protest in a "stamp" style motif that employs edgeless minting.

    2023 Samoa 1 Kilogram Harry Potter Quidditch Multi-layer Silver Coin


    Following the instant success of the Hogwarts Castle, the 2023 1 Kilo edition invites Potter fans to join in the fun of the dangerous but popular sport of Quidditch. With two opposing teams of witches and wizards on flying broomsticks, the ultimate objective is the 150 winning points with the capture of the Golden Snitch.

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