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Discussion in 'Wealth Creation & Management' started by TeaPot&ChopSticks, Apr 6, 2015.

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    Got to ask seems that some people here do this?

    There is the issue of money management.
    Statistical analysis is also another
    And knowing what to bet on so you do not go magpie on everything.

    Anyone know any good sites?

    Winnings Tax Free?

    Be interesting to hear back.
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    Jan 21, 2015
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    What is the actual question you want answered here?
    As far as "tax free" on winnings, i have never been taxed on any winnings made .
    I just transfer out winning from my Bet365 account and they credit back to my CC .
    The only problem i had in the beginning was larger withdrawals of over 15k back to my CC .
    Sometimes i have had to wait for 4-5 business days before i can access this money.
    It is some anti laundering thing or time to wait to see if the money is reversed (depending on who i get on the phone).
    Other than that if i withdraw $100 i get $100 back to my credit card.
    If i withdraw 5K i get 5K to my credit card, no fees or tax.
    Also at bet365 as well as hundreds of events a day to bet on you can also play currencies IN REAL TIME of course:)

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