2014 Australian Kangaroo 1/10oz Gold Bullion Coin with Chinese Privy M

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    2013 Australian Kangaroo - Chinese Characters - Gold Bullion Coin
    The design on the 2013 Australian Kangaroo - Chinese Characters (1/10oz) gold bullion coin consists of a circle enclosing a representation of a kangaroo with grasses, foliage and undulating terrain in the background. The coin includes the following inscriptions, ‘AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA’, the Pinyin pictographs pronounced ‘shé’ and ‘nián’ meaning ‘year of the snake’, the Pinyin pictographs pronounced ‘jí’ and ‘xiáng’ meaning either ‘auspicious’ or ‘propitiousness’, ‘2013 1/10oz 9999 GOLD’ and the initials of the designer Natasha Muhl ‘NM’.
    https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2012L02052/Explanatory Statement/Text

    At the time, The Perth Mint were minting coins with privy marks, there was a huge back-lash because folk saw privy marks as watering down the value of coins they'd paid a premium for, ie, the Series two 1oz silver Dragon (privy mark free, just good-old bullion coins).
    It seems, that some folk don't mind the privy mark coins and fwiw, Perth have had privy marks on their Kookaburra coins for many years, having said that, some folk still don't like them, but that's another story and has been smashed to death on this forum (please use the search function for more info)

    Although some folk broadly categorize the 2013 and 2014 Kangaroo Australian 1/10oz Gold Coin as a privy mark coin, it's actually a pictograph and described in the currency determination as such. (But call it a privy if you like)

    The 2013 coin was difficult to obtain, even though it had a mintage of (Mintage 6,061), the 2014 coin (Lower mintage 3,591) has been getting good prices for awhile but not as high as one would think. Latest sales can be found on ebay.

    Official Declared Mintage:
    2013 - 6,061
    2014 - 3,591
    https://www.perthmint.com/documents/Bullion/The Australian Silver Bu Privy Coin 2011 to 2019.pdf

    Images can be seen here:
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