1oz "bar" or "blob"of 99.99 gold vs 1oz $200 denominated 99.99 gold coin

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    Only 25 percent of gold was turned in during 1933 during the gold ban here in America. Most people kept what they had which most families didnt own gold anyway, but you were allowed to keep a few ounces.
    The government only wanted it back before they revalued it.

    They had no way of knowing who had what and no one went to jail.
    Gold was still traded like always and nothing changed.
    I have some coins from that time period that survived and theres alot out there that did.

    Nowadays they dont need the gold. They can push a button and bail in the banks.
    Thats why every country enslaved to the central bankers have passed bail in laws.
    Not because they are stupid.
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