War of the Worlds - Original Radio Broadcast 1938

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    Was listening to an interview on the radio today in which they discussed H.G Wells 1898 sci-fi novel "War of the Worlds" and how H.G Wells concept / story was inspired by the event of the British colonising Tasmania in the early 1800's. So you learn something every day.

    Lets fast forward to 1938 and Orson Well's radio adaptation of "War of the Worlds" which scared the hell out of a lot of people in the US. Easy to see how events that night transpired back then when there was only the radio (for most) to obtain new / live information (and the press was deemed creditable) as opposed to today when 100's or thousand's of people with mobile phones could converge on Grovers Mill and call BS on a martian landing and live stream same to the world.

    Anyhoo, here's the original 1938 radio broadcast, one take only and live. Listening to it as I tap away doing other things tonight. Still quality piece of entertain from back in the day.

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