US jeweller sparks wild treasure hunt after burying $1.4 million stash

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    A jeweller has sparked a massive hunt for $1.4 million in jewellery, rare coins and other treasures he buried after losing his business in the pandemic.

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    A treasure hunt is about to launch in the United States after a jeweller buried $1.4 million worth of jewellery, rare coins and other treasurers in a variety of locations in the wild.

    Johnny Perri, the owner of J&M Jewelers in the US state of Michigan, closed his business of 23 years after it suffered during pandemic lockdowns.

    Rather than retire in the usual way, Mr Perri came up with an unusual plan to keep him occupied.

    “I said (to his wife) Amy, we can take everything out and retire or we can bury it across the state of Michigan,” he told FOX2 News.

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    The couple poured through their collection of valuables, selecting more than a million dollars’ worth of jewels, rare coins and fine dining ware.

    Johnny Perri has buried $1.4 million worth of treasure for people to find. Picture: Source:Supplied

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