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    I have started to take the idea of urban mining to another level.
    Its been a passion of mine since my first gold oz ten years ago, but had no idea of what to do.

    Goal is to gain E.P.A, then international accreditation in dealing with e-waste.

    But how to get there?

    Last month I started to record spatial location of thrown out tv's video's ect, before
    putting in back of station wagon by taking a photo.
    When home take another photo of serial numbers, open up and take another
    photo of internal serial numbers.
    Mine the copper and aluminium first. (keep all screws)
    Take mother boards to stack.
    Take easy picking of crystal oscillators (silver coated) and place in jar.
    Take easy picking of gold plated items and place in jar.
    Rest of motherboard keep until have loads and loads.
    (one type of chip is 2% palladium and 8% silver, so i have been advised. so only technically
    need one kilo to be able to refine 20grams of palladium and 80 grams of silver....for free)
    Place plastic shell and glass screens to the side as not to go out in residential house hold waste.
    Take photo of serial numbers. (this so when take to tip, i have a receipt that the waste was not
    placed in landfill, i then can match this to the original photos.

    After bringing back so called rubbish from the street, started getting heat from the lovely wife
    after given permission to only have one TV at a time....well got to 8 tvs (assorted cathode style, original flat screen monsters almost too heavy to move)
    1 microwave, 2 video players, 1 dvd player, 3 vacuums, 2 steam mops, 3 computer key boards, 1 washing machine, 1 air compressor.
    ((After a week, decided next time, I should introduce myself to home owner when chance arises...
    First pensioner I approached advised me after rapport established that her brother has a bucket of 1966 50 cents and does not
    know how to sell.....well i said sell selll sellllll to me in a non anxious way as i pay spot. with cash..unfortunately he is over seas
    for 5 weeks so almost time for me to drop around, but prefer to wait a while as she took an old business card of mine)).

    After week and half decided needed a shop. Found one the next day on a weeky rent of $254 in the middle of Woy Woy.
    this shop has two entrances, two power distribution boards, so can equally divide into 2 shops trading under 1 ABN.
    Paid bond in cash. next monthly payment today/sat.....(my recent gold sales have paid for the next month...BIG THANK YOU
    To Barry for his purchases of 35 grams of valcambi and Jose for 5grams....they did not know at time that they funded my first
    months rent...thank you.

    As of July 2016, it will be mandatory for gubbermint bodies to only use EPA accredited entities to dispose e-waste. My company will then be begged to
    have e-waste collected....No more little me driving around every day sourcing from the kerb....i will be able to walk into businesses.

    The shops number one goal (part a) is to obtain australian and international accreditation to be the first and only company on the N.S.W central coast to do so.
    Well starting on the peninsular from woy woy to ettalong, from kilcare to patonga.

    The shops number one goal (part b) is to have people start to question paper money, come to their own conclusion that
    they can exchange their pennies, pre-dec, 50's with my company at spot. Public to buy my copper flatware silver/gold with
    old coins....As I do not accept fiat...my replies all week is....no cash as i have no till....come back with pennies, pre-dec or 50s...
    I have "lost" some "sales"....but planted many many many seeds of questioning inflation, questioning the "value" of fiat to coinage prior to 1966.

    When this starts to have momentum I will be able to offer lower prices as I will be getting straight from peoples garages to ss.
    Think about this........ss can buy round 50cents at $8 or less....then over time, momentum is leverage into a loop. This loop brings premiums even lower..
    Until my company KEEGAN METAL EXCHANGE AND PRICING (TM) is able to offer seller spot and buyer 50 cents over spot. this is still my dream/goal. I know its
    crazy, but I want to have the original seller profit as much as possible and the final buyer to pay as little premium as possible. If premiums are as close to spot
    as possible, then its not only ss people who see the value, but the general public...which will be a feedback loop of more and more demand.

    I call this SILVER FAST CASH MONEY (TM).

    My shop officially opens 01 October 2015, though had keys for last 2 weeks and have made several metal exchanges and
    promises of bags of pennies and pre-dec should be walking in soon.

    A BIG THANK YOU TO....Golden Pelican -----also capt kookaburra------....Ben has created something special with the silver stackers community.
    Before I found this site, I thought I was alone.
    (Ben I apologies for busting you chops the other week over membership. I hope you dont hold me accountable for my out burst
    for ever. My family life has been unraveling for months now and i am just trying to support my young family after being forced
    to quit my career in mine surveying, then construction surveying....before that i quit a career in financial markets for my wife.
    The only reason I could do this was by my stacks...they gave me peace of mind and capital...also i am a great quitter of great paying jobs.
    phuck the man.

    A BIG THANK YOU TO....Aurora et Luna....Steve was my first contact on ss five years go. Over the years a mentor and friend.
    A BIG THANK YOU TO....Silver Sammy, he has supported my dream from day one, over the years a mentor and friend.
    A BIG THANK YOU TO....Peter, my first main trader, over the years a mentor and friend.
    A BIG THANK YOU TO....OZ Copper, Paul, over the years a mentor and friend. His you tube channels are a must for any ss and collector.
    A BIG THANK YOU TO....Big A.D, we still want to know why you are big, where you are big, you know she has asked about you. This man was an inspiration to me in 2010.
    A BIG THANK YOU TO....Goodies Gems from Nuetral Bay, lower north shore...we have agreement to sell on consignment...what fashion fad
    is no longer present there, can be sold on the central coast. He also has offered me display cabinets that I can not afford.The owner is a ss member.
    A BIG THANK YOU TO....Hudson Design, this man and his family has given me support in many ways, he too a ss member.
    (family run eco retreat in the blue mountains, the man is also a highly sort after digital designer, source of info for rare and extremely limited playing cards and friends
    with global house hold name magicians...this guys is on a total different plane...wow/

    A BIG THANK YOU TO....to each and every ss.....to those I have been abrupt with, made mistakes, forgotten, not returned msg as promptly as required.
    thanks for not kicking me in the guts.
    A BIG THANK YOU TO....to each and every ss.....who post, sells, auction on this site..you are making it more the norm for people to get out of fiat in order to preserve
    their hard earn dollars. A true inspiration...with this help, i could not have raised funds, could not have re-position my stacks.

    I would love to hear from ss who too are,have been doing their part in realising the intrinsic value of base and precious metals from the street.

    We have huge amount of above ground and processed metals without putting further strain on the environment. Its a sad sight and sad feeling to be one of the people
    involved in aiding the bulldozing of forest, the draining of water, adding to the increased salination of the water table, spreading airborne coal dust across the community,
    forcing land owners off land they held for generations, destroying aboriginal cave paintings, scatterings and sacred sites.

    Before this I was an integral part of the banking/share market fraud in my position of team leader/senior analyst of securities pricing
    for international custodial banks and the biggest australian fund manager.i was brought into this sham in 1999 as a bank teller.

    So, my slate is now cleared and open. I hope I can deal with people based on my new direction and not my past.

    By the way....when I came back to ss world a few weeks ago...i felt like i was on a mission..
    (a bit like the blues brothers mission...but with with metals... i needed to get the band together to save my family)

    The 100% assets used are not legally daniel's aka DSK, but another legal entity..I used 60k in metal and 20k in cash,
    then added 10gees from a ccard i was supposed to destroy, and my last 10gees in cash..to go 110% all in...
    this while being forced not to work for past five months. I felt that I needed to phrase things in third person so not to seem like I daniel, was personally benefiting.
    i dont need any more heat from my so called elected gubbermint.

    If so, I might have to find answers to apparent wealth. My wife had a mental break at her parents house when i was driving a moving truck on my own from the country to the coast
    it was very hard, i almost had a head on with a semi on the drive to mudgee,,,,,then kept nodding off, seeing double so had to take many rest stops..
    which made me late to get back to her parents....they called the police on their own daughter after a verbal fight..

    so police take my wife under mental health act (as she apparantly had a fight with her bloody dad, broke a window and left the house (she hid in garage), even though her mother was there
    to care for my 18 month old twins)......he called the police after 10 mins to file a missing persons report....well police cant do that....
    but they can come around when being told children under 2 years of age are involved
    ......2 weeks in acute mental health facility. what i got back was not my wife.

    the constant harrasment of centrelink, family services, mental services manifested into full on clinical depression, where the mental health professionals came and took my wife.
    well i should be happy it wasnt the NSW bloody poLICE force.

    here they come to your house under the mental health act and take your love away.....AND THEY keep telling you that you need 'help' with raising your twin boys. i gets asked every week or so
    to join a so called voluntery program called brighter futures....which is 100% funded by D.O.C.S....Imagine that, an australian born person with no criminal past, no violence, no drug abuse, no nothing has had his wife taken away and threats of taking his children away....breaks my heart sometimes..i get random, un announced house visits at 9am by these "professionals" at one stage it was every night for 2 weeks by mental health nurses so they could monitor/administer my wifes, anti-depression, anti-phsycotic and lithium dosages...keeping my twins 2 yr olds a mission, not killing her parents a mission, not ending up on the street a mission, not having my own break down, an act of God....was even told by centrelink that my racial background means i have another culture and that I should return to 9-5 work and let her do the woman job of raising children... and, that in his 20 years of experience, my wife does not look sick.. i wanted to make him eat his keyboard, his phone, and his desk.. but didnt as i dont want to loose my children. i just ended up leaving in tears...all they want is my tax dollars..and for further insult....the gubberint not happy with me paying 32.5 grand in taxes for 2014, but now given a tax bill of $8,939 dollars for uni...I have to keep telling myself that things like this happen all the time, I am not being singled out as that is just crazy, and there is no conspiracy to take my twin boys away to give to better deserving family or pedo ring...happens all the time....i hate my bloody country....If i could i would burn my birth certificate, burn my pass port and request to break contract with this australian commonwealth corporation...i want to be initiated into indegenious law...though apparently there is a rascist law that states i have to be born into that race. i get rascism on all fronts as i am of south american back ground. australians call me a wog, wogs call me a skip, and then the aboriginals tell me that this is not my land either and i cant
    join them as i not dark enough, so to spealk...i hate this bloody society.

    So getting back to the thread,,,,,....i would love to hear from people who are urban mining. I want to do better and learn.



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