The value of diversification

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    This is a bit early but I've landed myself a stinking wage earner's fkn job in a couple of weeks at pauper's rates naturally and as I've got a few sherbies under the belt and some time I thought what the heck? And THETA has done well so why not update old @Bullion Baron's Pissing Contest a couple of weeks early?

    The big mover over the past 3 months (apart from pumpkins aka THETA) has been three letters. M.M.T.

    Here's another three letters: W.O.W! And 6 more: F>U>C>K>M>E!

    I wasn't expecting the Central Banks and national governments to move so fast. I think the last time we discussed rate cuts and fiscal stimulus in another thread I made mention that maybe we'd see some moves by September 2020. But these past 3 months have seen rate cuts, indebtedness and fiscal stimulation not seen on a scale ever before in history. The RBA quickly moved to the 0.25% effective lower bound cash rate, the government announced a raft of support packages and even the retail banks and energy companies dragged Santa out of the closet and bestowed gifts upon their anxious customers.

    And in moves no cynical anti-government advocate would ever have anticipated, the State effectively gave workers affected by the coronavirus (the real one, not the 5G transmitted one) a 6 month paid holiday at home. W.O.W! F>U>C>K>M>E!

    Now this is why there was a rush on toilet paper people. Workers, who for years had been holding off having a dump until they could get to work and wipe their grimy socialist butts with the boss's hard-earned earned rolls of Cottonelle were now forced to stay at home! And don't think about going to caravan parks, pubs, cafes or national parks to use their facilities. Nope. We as a society were forced to take responsibility for our own derriere hygiene. Multiply that by the number of little kids not being able to walk out of class every 12 minutes coz they have to go to the toilet and you don't have to be an Einstein to see that the market moved quickly, recognising the threat and that the old supply/demand curve in toilet tissue was put under a severe degree of stress. It wasn't irrational fear. Merely homo economicus engaging in yet another evolutionary leap.

    So back to the point of this thread. We'll attend to each asset in order:

    IOTA: down a further 6% since last time. @Bullion Baron's initial investment of $4000 is now worth $372. That's a 90.7% loss on investment. And it was going to be "The World" apparently. Sad.
    THETA: up 61% since the last time I reported. This means that an initial investment of $4000 in those "pumpkins" is now worth just over $5117. That's a capital gain of 28% which is not too bad considering the state of the crypto market since @Bullion Baron suggested starting this competition.
    BITCOIN: up 10%. BTC is showing a gain of $571.50 or about 14%.
    CRYPTO20: AKA "a sleeping pill" is down. Who would've thought? Does anyone even talk about this in crypto circles? It's showing a loss of about $2800 or about 71%
    SHITCOINS: damn you BNB!! Still down, about the same at a loss of 46% which means my initial investment of $4000 is only worth about $2100. It's a good thing I hold gold I tells ya.

    Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 4.49.38 pm.png

    And I'll be using the boss's toilet paper too!
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    I look forward to further reports from the life of the indentured worker.
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