Tea and Swords

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    “We are going to a fencing class. Do you want to come?”


    The snow from last week’s storm in the Nanjing area is still piled up in shady spots, but the streets and sidewalks in Xianlin, a suburb, are clear. The sun was out this morning, but then fled. Now, the sky is steel gray. If there is any precipitation, it will snow again.

    Four of us, Shao Yong, Chen Chen (a talented artist for the Nanjing Mint who has designed many Chinese coins and medals), their four-year old daughter Shao Jing Wei, or Yu-Yu, and I are bundled up against the cold as we get out of the car and cross the street. On the far side is a new office complex. Its third-floor occupant is the White Knight Fencing School. As we walk toward it, a large coffee house on the ground floor tempts me. A sign above it announces in English: “Coffee – Massages.” I point this out to my friends and, after a moment of trying to explain the combination, we all laugh..."

    The complete story can be found at: https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/6429/

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