Shep Smith leaves Fox News

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jim4silver, Oct 12, 2019.

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    This is big news for many Fox News viewers. I personally don't know anyone who liked Shep Smith on Fox News. Any time I spoke to my friends and acquaintances who watch the channel we all agreed it was time to turn the channel when Shep was on, and felt he would do better on MSNBC or CNN, etc.

    Many also feel that Fox has moved from being neutral at first about Trump to now being on the anti-Trump side. I am not referring to the pro Trump pundits that have evening programs there like Hannity, etc, but instead am referring to the actual "reporters" and news "anchors" there.

    So it does seem odd that they would fire Shep as the story below seems to infer. Either way, glad he is leaving. Unfortunately there are no other media outlets for non lefties here in the US on cable or TV so Fox is it.

    Did Shep quit or was he let go? I don't know.

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