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    The Rumple trading platform is now live! Currently we're offering accounts to individuals with a US residential address and a US bank account. Brought to you by the team behind Silver Stackers.

    At a glance:
    • Well regulated USA business (member of ICTA)
    • Mobile optimized web trading platform
    • Fund your account directly from your linked bank account - just like Robinhood
    • Buy and store gold and silver at highly competitive prices, vaulted in the USA
    • Pool and allocated options available, fully backed by physical vaulted metal
    • No minimum monthly storage charges - just actual calculated costs
    • Request shipping at any time
    • No ID required for first $3000 in deposits
    Our catalog is very simple - in addition to physical pool, initially we're just offering American Gold & Silver Eagles as our coin selection. More coin & bar products will be available in the future, but we only ever intend to service metal investors, so we won't be carrying quasi-bullion numismatics - just a small, consistent range of internationally recognized bullion products.

    By default all purchases are vaulted - our model is online management of your holdings, with 24/7 liquidity and far better buyback prices than you will receive from your local typical US local dealers, with payment direct to your bank account. We recommend pool metal to minimize premiums unless you're planning on taking future delivery. Redemption options for converting pool holdings to coin or bar holdings for vaulting or shipping are coming soon, as is fractional pool holdings, so you will be able to buy say $50 of gold instead of an entire ounce.

    We don't accept mail-ins for buyback or storage - we only trade and vault metals that have been sourced direct from our depository's trading partner. Rest assured that every ounce in your holdings is direct from a mint or refiner to the depository.

    For the technically minded, our solution has been built in-house from the ground up with a modern event-driven microservice architecture underpinning the business logic of our retail and vault management systems. As a new platform, we're aware of a few UI tweaks that will be sorted in the next few days, and we have an extensive roadmap for new features over the coming months. We have started publishing some technical posts over at Medium as well.

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