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  1. Silver Stackers is now offering a new Commercial Member account for dealers and members "carrying on a business" that wish to make trade coins and bullion on Silver Stackers through their business. Trading or product announcement threads by non-paid business users are no longer permitted, and the "Non-Sponsor Dealer Offers" forum is no more.

    Commercial Member accounts are required if you are selling on here in a business capacity, wish to make new product / sales announcements, or to link to a bullion/coin business in your signature. Commercial members will be able to access this new commercial trading forum - all trading/product announcement posts from commercial members will be in the one subforum. The other Buy, Sell & Swap forums remain for private trading only, and dealers that choose to can continue to operate their own exclusive Site Sponsor subforums. Commercial members will still be able to interact in other subforums, however any thread started for commercial purposes should be placed in this subforum. Commercial members will also be able to post in the quasi-private Trading Floor forum for paid Silver Stackers members.

    Cost is $100 USD per 6 months.

    If you are a business that does not sell commercially on Silver Stackers, the Verified status is still available for official company accounts used to participate in the forum for non-sales use, e.g. answering questions from members or responding to feedback. Verified members cannot make trading posts, product announcements or link to their business in their signature without upgrading to a Commercial Member account. Links to businesses in profiles are permitted.

    If you are interested in a Commercial Member account, or banner/subforum advertising, please send a private message to Goldpelican (not Administrator).

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