Ivory from Walrus, Mastodon & Mammoth

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    I see one shop in USA selling Ivory from Walrus.

    I ask them if it is legal and with no documentation required to export these beautiful pieces?
    They said Mastodon & Mammoth are extinct and not protected by federal wildlife law.

    They advise costumers to keep the receipt of the item(s) purchased in the USA.

    They said also that Walrus Ivory from Canada cannot be imported to USA

    We all know that Ivory from Elephant is ban.

    In Alaska State, with accordance with their cultural value of no waste, they made their boats, tools, clothing, spiritual items and artwork from inedible parts of the gift of the walrus.
    They are inextricably a part of ancient and sustainable relationship with the land and sea, and provide critical food and an important economic resource for hunters and artists in their area.

    I am planning to buy set of native jewellery made from Walrus on my next visit to Alaska.

    Any knowledge regarding local regulation in different countries you may know is a good information before buying these pieces.
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