I will pay off my credit card in 83 years and pay over 2 billion in interest!!!

Discussion in 'Markets & Economies' started by hardyakkagold, May 23, 2020.

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    I think this topic has served its purpose to highlight a possible way to accumulate extra precious metals over the longer timespan.

    I now pronounce it closed, as I do not wish to engage in a slanging match with a couple of the hard cases on here.

    If there is one thing I cant stand it is hypocrites like Court Jester accusing me of a Ponzi scheme when he himself is
    in the share market, which is the biggest Ponzi scheme there is:rolleyes:

    I find it a waste of time to reason and respond to people like that, as they will bring you down to their level
    and then beat you with experience.:p

    So, if the two ignored members in Jester and Jason1 wish to continue their blossoming romance on this thread by posting to each other,
    then knock yourselves out lover boys.

    I wont be disturbing you on here anymore, or reading any of your drivel:)
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    The difference is I am not using a credit card to pay for shares, and then need those shares to rise to beable to pay off the card (to afford gorceries as you claim) when the interes free period ends like you are

    your playing a game with the bank you cant win and your too foolish to beable to understand that

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